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Data Services

For just about any data issues, KIS has the answer with a local source for dependable data services and a staff of certified data forensic engineers. With years of experience in recovering physical or logical errors from all kinds of devices including solid state USB & Flash drives – we even do RAID recovery!

Data Recovery

Data Recovery Drive

For inaccessible files, operating system failure, mechanical failure, logical failure, data corruption, virus removal, accidental deletion, natural disaster, water or fire damaged hard drive or solid state device.

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Data Forensics

Need data recovery with chain of custody? Contact us for details on how best to engage our Forensic Engineers.

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Data Destruction

Data Destruction

Safeguard your valuable data with our physical and software data destruction services. KIS specializes in secure, environmentally sustainable data destruction and recovery.

  • The Hammer Hard Drive Erasure Device
  • The SCSI Hammer Hard Drive Erasure Device
  • Forensic Data Recovery Tool
  • CD/Optical Media Destruction

Today, every business must address the significant chore of properly sanitizing data on hard drives. Failure to protect and destroy sensitive and confidential records and files can have catastrophic consequences to a business on numerous levels. Financial loss, irreparable damage to a company’s reputation, as well as civil and criminal liability for directors and officers can result from data that is accessed from hard drives that were not thoroughly sanitized.

Most methodologies for sanitizing hard drives present opportunities for “leakage” or are cost prohibitive. KIS offers a service developed by a leading company in Data Destruction Solutions that meets the five critical requirements that should be considered in a hard drive sanitization plan.

  • Destruction of digital data beyond forensic reconstruction;
  • Retention of care, custody and control;
  • Certification and defend-able audit trail;
  • Ease of deployment;
  • Ability to reformat and reuse the drive.

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KIS F.A.C.T.™ Forensic Workstation

Our state of the art custom hardware and software designed to recover data and provide forensic data chain of custody for just about any type of media. A fast and cost effective solution for legal, law enforcement and public safety environments.

F.A.C.T. Machine

F.A.C.T. ™ KIS Data Forensic Workstation, combined with Forensic Lab Software, is a tool for Law Enforcement, Intelligence, and Security Professionals which allows for the safe and effective acquisition, recovery, cataloging, analyzing, and verification of information from computer hard drives, optical media, flash memory, tapes, and other data storage devices that contain evidence.

F.A.C.T.™ is designed and constructed by certified KIS specialists, with over 20 years of expertise in the PC manufacture field, utilizing the highest standards, and latest high end hardware and software, with input from IACIS CCFE (Certified Computer Forensic Examiners), Intelligence, and Law enforcement investigators.

F.A.C.T.™ Standard unit provides full functionality for the majority of media types, but is manufactured in a manner to allow for easy upgrade for both hardware and software.

F.A.C.T.™ is backed by KIS standard warranty, with extended warranty packages available, and excellent customer service.

F.A.C.T.™ is manufactured ISO compliant.


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